Bad Bikers NFTs & Death Race game

Hi Guys,

I’m just reaching out to introduce my NFT project Bad Bikers and its game ecosystem, born from the failings of P2E games and the lack of value and utility provided by NFT creators to their holders.

The Death Race game is a first of its kind mobile game to simultaneously combine racing (gyroscope) and shooting (touchscreen). We treat the Bad Biker NFT holders as shareholders/owners of the game, which is available to non-bad biker holding users, by buying a motorbike, which funds the Bad Bikers’ DAO. Financially incentivising our holders to grow the games user base.

Our second NFT collection is ‘Baddie Bikers’ female bad bikers, who individually earn a percentage (~20%) of all the bikes, weapons etc being bought through their individual referral link. This adds another layer of user-growing incentivisation that brings more value to the Bad Bikers and their DAO.

Our third collection is the ‘Big Fat Bad Bikers’ who will have the ability to customise in game assets (bikes, guns, skins etc) and sell for profit. Their own unique value proposition that brings more value to the referring Baddie Biker (same % more valuable asset) and the original Bad Bikers too.

It is P2E but only in a wagering sense, with the exception of sponsored events, two people make an equal bet, one of them doubles their money. Zero sum, like life, no house winning, unlike vegas.

A beautiful ecosystem, properly and sustainably incentivised built around a game that’ll be the mobile focussed Mario Kart and GTA lovechild.

You can check the deck and initial gameplay here: Bad Bikers & Death Race Deck .pdf - Google Drive

Would love to know what you guys make of it and would love for you to fund it.




How would this be of value for the MuseDAO ecosystem as a whole?

You would be equity investors and financially rewarded as such

Love this project. Actually a fun game and love the way that it rewards users! Looking forward to the launch

I was asking about the utility of the Bad Bikers NFTs & Death Race game to the Muse DAO ecosystem as a whole not about investment and equity stuff