Distributing airdropped $arb tokens to active participants of the CUDL game

As most of you are aware, MuseDAO will receive 75K $arb tokens for their development on the Arbitrum blockchain. This development was part of the CUDL game.

I would like to put forth a proposal to divide the upcoming Aribtrum airdrop to the people who participated in the CUDL game.

I suggest that the 75K arb is divided to:

  • Any CUDL game player that interacted with the game (including those with dead pets), after it moved from mainnet to arbitrum
  • That each players allocation of arb is based on the following calculation:
    - days they played the game on arbitrum *
    - number of pets they had *
    - amount of food given to pets =
    - score of each wallet.

The total sum of 75K $arb tokens (100%) is calculated against the score of each wallet. This would yield a percentage that is fair and proportional to each player’s involvement. If for instance you claimed pets in the arb version, but didn’t really play - you get less then those players who actively bought and invested (time and money) into an attempt to make the game a success. This calculation also will take into account players who stayed around for a long time, even after the initial “buzz”.

The distribution of the $arb tokens can be done manually or automated through a claiming contract. Unclaimed tokens (after a period of for instance 3 months) will be returned to the MuseDAOs treasury, so that it can be utilized at a later stage ( decided upon on new vote ).

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I don’t see the point of all players getting tokens, why should they? There were plenty of time to take advantage of the game in early days on Arbitrum, and people were doing that. Later when the last cent was drained from the game they leaved.

My suggestion is that only ones who left should get tokens. Or consider the restart of the game with funds from the airdrop.


There is almost no users left in the game, and giving those few the full 75k would not be fair. But What could be a good model is saying that users with points below X in the above calculation is not included (eliminating the «milkers»), while still rewarding the long time player even if their pets now are dead.

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I agree with you.
There is no point in giving tokens to someone who gave up on the game and sold everything.
The game is such that you have to be constantly active in order to keep the pets alive. Those who were not careful and gave up should not be rewarded.

It’s like selling all NFTs and then expecting a reward in a few months.
because I didn’t believe in the project and gave up?

I think if we calculate all users activity like proposed above, the «milkers» will become very visible as that fizzled out pretty fast. While many continued playing, feeding, buying more pets. You could even take the milkers arb and add that to the Dao too. Dao will get rewarded, active long time players get rewarded even if their pets are dead now. Heck, even Adams pets are dead now if I recall correctly

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It would be cool if you can do the math.

After that we can put it on the vote with three options:

  1. Distribute 100% (75k) $ARB tokens to the qualified Cudl players.
  2. Distribute 50% (37.5k) $ARB tokens to the qualified Cudl players and leave 50% (37.5k) in the DAO’s treasury.
  3. Leave 100% (75k) $ARB tokens in the DAO’s treasury.

Sure thing will do that

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What is the chance then for option 1?
When there are only a few cudl players?
Again, it’s not entirely fair, most of them gave up and left, only real CUDls fans are still in the game.


  1. Instead to treasury DAO, dedicate $arb tokens for reviving the Cudl game and future development.

Because of the game, DAO got the tokens

Sure, this can be 4. option if everyone agrees. For this option before we put it on the vote Adam and Jules the main devs in DAO should be asked what they think about it, and do they want and plan to work on the game in the future.


Should maybe $muse holders also get an allocation, say 5 or 10k? I assume most cudl players were muse holders too, so may be redundant. And would that make muse a security?


We had a lot of discussions inside the community in Discord and the development is not about a lack of tokens but about making an interesting web3 game (which no one solved yet).

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my POV:

Players of CUDL played a game: some had fun, some made a profit, and some were introduced early to Arbitrum and got an airdrop. I don’t think distributing tokens (especially in an opinionated way about who is good and bad) helps the DAO.

I wish there were more energetic discussions about how to create value for the DAO with what we have for members to benefit from than extracting what is given individually.

That said, I’m happy to facilitate discussion/votes and initiatives when needed :v:


You forget that a lot of people also lost a lot of money on CUDL just because they beleived in the DAO.

Rewarding player would make them partially whole again, that would be good for the DAOs reputation.

That said, maybe 50% should be sat aside for the DAO and new initiatives and %50 rewarded to last X players? Just my two cents.


I actually don’t believe in the tokens being distributed back to the players that did play the game.

Major reason is that they all are already being compensated by the arbi airdrop already.

And if there’s to be an airdrop, there should still be some of the arb tokens kept in treasury should incase in the future there’s need to develop the game further.

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I also don’t think any tokens should be given to players of CUDL.

For one, they are already getting an airdrop of ARB for playing the game. Just because some lost money (probably by buying CUDL) doesn’t mean the DAO should give free tokens.

This airdrop was earned by the core contributors (Adam & Jules) of the DAO by building and launching a game on a new L2. It was not earned by users of the game. For that reason, I believe it should stay within/fund the DAO.

I played CUDL, I had fun but I don’t expect the DAO to give me anything for taking part in a voluntary game.

My thoughts on what should be done:

I think the tokens should be split 50/50 in the following way. 50% are kept and 50% are sold. The selling would need to be managed by someone the DAO votes as an operator.

The 50% that is kept can be used to fund other ideas that contributors want to build in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The 50% that is sold will be used to keep the DAO operating and ensure a healthy runway.


I agree with most here. I don’t think all CUDL wallets need to get the airdrop but only those who remain active.

Also, what about MUSE holders?

Or, what about people who bought raffle tickets? Ye, remember those raffle tickets that never sold to a point of redemption? Lol

Or the honorary nft holders, last one on Op?!!

You guys are so genius for so many things but sometimes come up with complete nonsense lol

Idk, id rethink the politics on this one, just my 2c

I like the idea of sharing it between all cudl players based on perhaps cudl burned by usage?

As someone who believed in the project and just bought cudl via sushiswap with no time to play and so didnt buy or let let my nft pet die, I’d agree that funds should rather go to the dao to fund the development of new game. It was $1200 well spent and I never sold. Great to be exit liquidity for those who gave up. Rather keep or find a way to utilize the airdrop to attract new players for future game. Perhaps 10% can go to devs and players who stuck around till the end and 90% to build something we all can be a part of. I will gladly invest again in a good project done by the team and hopefully not lose it all again. Please note I will not be playing the game, no time, cannot take responsibility of a pet guys. Thanks team for all the effort and for being the 1st game on arbi to my knowledge.

As I mentioned in Discord, maybe we can use the Arbitrum Airdrop for hosting hackathon to attract new buidlers to explore ideas how we can make Cudl game sustainable. I could explore ways for hosting and managing hackathon online.