Fastdapp branding contest

Fastdapp enables anyone to quickly build a front end for smart contracts. You can read more about it and all of the functionalities at or check out the docs: What is Fast Dapp | Fast Dapp

The next contest will be for branding. We are looking for someone to come up with a logo, the brand color, and an image that reflects what Fastdapp is/accomplishes.

The reward is 300 $MUSE to whoever submits the best content. The contest will run for 2 weeks with the winner being voted on at the end.

Post all submissions below and good luck!


Here is my submission for the Fastdapp branding contest.

  1. LOGO

Here is my submission for the Fastdapp branding contest.

Here is my submission for the Fastdapp branding contest.

Here is a link to the complete Brand identity presentation which includes typography as well

Hey everyone.
I’ve worked on 3 submissions for Fastdapp’s branding. I’ll be presenting them and the idea behind them in no particular order.

Submission A:
This logotype was inspired by the checkered flag of racing sports. It indicates speed and victory. I thought it’d be a nice representative of Fastdapp as it does speed up the process of creating a frontend for dapps.

About the color choice, I think generally the brand is at a stage that can tell any story that it wants to its audience. I choose orange for this submission to convery boldness and excitement. I think the combination of orange and black does a good job at creating a daring personality that also serves modernity with the typeface.

Open image in a new tab to see the details:

Submission B:
My second submission was a try to make a more edgy character for the brand. The logotype includes a minimalistic and abstract letter F with sharp edges and slopes to provoke professionalism and modernity.

The color choice for this submission was coral red to make the personality more daring.

Open image in a new tab to see the details:

Submission C:
The logo for the third submission I worked on was inspired by the fast-forward button that we’ve all seen in media and music players. It’s meant to convey the idea that you can basically fast forward the process of creating your dapps using fastdapp.

I tried going a different route with the color in this submission and I chose clear blue theme to indicate trust and stability.

Open image in a new tab to see the details:

You can view all submissions and the png format of logos with higher quality here:

Some lovely submissions by @Hammermann and @ubongj . I think they are two more that are sson to be posted and we could start the vote :two_hearts:

Hello guys. Here are my submissions below for the contest.

Inspired by the swift and agile Hermes, the Greek god of speed, the web3 branding concept for FastDapp embraces the essence of velocity and efficiency. Just as Hermes’ wings allowed him to move swiftly between realms, FastDapp empowers developers to soar beyond the boundaries of traditional front-end development.

The concept draws upon the symbolism of wings, representing the freedom and speed associated with Hermes. These wings serve as a visual reminder of the incredible speed that FastDapp brings to the table. By providing a seamless front-end tool for building fast interfaces for dApps, FastDapp enables developers to focus their energy and creativity on the core of their projects—the smart contract logic.


  1. Primary color and secondary color
  1. Brand Imagery

Google drive : Fast Dapp Branding - Google Drive

Here’s my rebrand submission.

Approved by ex CEO of Landor, hope it works for you!

Hey guys! :slight_smile: long time no see… I’m joining this one.
I tried several ideas, but this one is the most simple and the one I like better.

I will post an image with the other ideas… just the logos


Thanks for all this noce work everyone!

Will close the contest in few days so go fast if you want to submit.

One important question for the community!

Should the winner be selected by muse voting OR I decide internally? I think muse voting can be nice?

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While I think muse voting would be nice, what it would likely become is a case of contributors shilling their work and getting friends/family to join and vote. Good publicity in the short run but could defeat the purpose of the competition.


I think muse voting makes the most sense as anyone can make an account on the forum and spam votes. With muse voting, it’s the DAO members voting on what they think is the best submission.


The contest is officially over, I’ll combine the submissions and propose the Muse vote shortly

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You can vote here: Snapshot

Vote is now closed! Congratulations to @RadDegen !

Can I get the addresses here or on discord from @RadDegen , @Hammermann and @ubongj

@RadDegen, could you contact me discord or telegram if you are there as I may need to have 2/3 variations for the implementation?

Thank you eveyone for participating again


Sure. Here’s mine: 0x0BacbF192159f9162aC692a3152C666998951e87
Congratz to @RadDegen and everyone else who participated.

Thank you Jules.
Address : 0xCC176d0897Fc70C3f0ea45AEc81246A5364854F9

Dropped in the discord already.