Frequently Asked Questions

• Does the DAO have a token?
Yes, $MUSE is the governance token for the DAO all projects

• How does staking work?
You can stake $MUSE at MUSE DAO - NFT Venture Builder depositors will receive sMUSE (staked muse). The ratio of sMUSE/MUSE increases over time as fees from NFT20 (and any future fee generating projects) are sent to the staking contract.

When users want to unstake, they will need to head back to MUSE DAO - NFT Venture Builder and call the unstake function. This starts a 10 day cool down period (still earning any fees during this time). After the 10 days, users have 2 days to complete the unstake process and receive their $MUSE back plus any rewards accrued during their staking period.

• I have some ideas I want to get community feedback on, where do I post these?
You can post any governance ideas in Discord in the #governance channel, if it receives enough support/engagement we can post it on the forum and then to onchain voting.


• Does NFT20 have fees?
Every time an NFT is deposited 100 tokens are minted, 5% of those tokens (5) goes to the NFT20 protocol and are used to buy back $MUSE to be sent to stakers.

• What can I do with the tokens I receive?
Once you deposit NFTs in a pool and you get the equivalent tokens, you can do a few things:

  1. Speculate on them on Uniswap.
  2. Exchange 100 tokens for another NFT available in the pool.
  3. Use the tokens to bid on a higher quality NFT on auction.
  4. Add liquidity for those tokens on Uniswap and stake the LP token under farm tab to earn daily $MUSE rewards.

• How do I add my project?
Anyone can create a pool for an NFT project on the assets page NFT20, follow this guide for an exact tutorial Create Pool - NFT20 Docs

• Are there any liquidity mining incentives?
Yes, 250 $MUSE is sent to liquidity providers of MUSE/ETH on Uniswap daily.

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