Improving nft20's UI/UX

Hey everyone.

I’ve been reviewing nft20 website from a user experience stand point and I’ve realized there are many drawbacks and issues that can be fixed in order to make it more usable. Here are some of the more noticable issues I’ve found:

  • Cluttered UI: In some screens, there is too much information cramped in one place and the order in which they’re shown is also not optimal. Assets screen is one example of this.
  • Confusing interface: Some of the website’s functionality are not easy to understand/use the way they are presented. Buy & sell screen is one example. It’s not easy to comprehend at first which element sare buttons (and thus clickable) and which are not.
  • Slow responses: Searching in the NFTs from buy and sell screen is somewhat slow and unresponsive.
  • Outdated UI: The overall interface of the website looks rather old-fashioned and not very intuitive.
  • Lack of access to features in some screens: The most noticable issue here is in the wallet screen where users can see the list of fall of their owned NFTs but there’s no option to sell NFTs from there.

These are only some of the more visible issues I’ve came across on the website. In order to show how changes in the UI could improve the overall experience, I’ve redesigned the collections and the wallet screen with accordance to nft20’s design language (All of the data shown are just placeholders):

I believe there’s a lot of room for improvement for nft20 website and that’s something I’d be willing to help with, being the passionate UI/UX designer I am.

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this matter and also your feedback on the redesigns I’ve made.

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Thanks a lot for the initiative. I love your take on the design and agree!

Unfortunately, NFT20 as a protocol is not best fitted and we don’t dedicate much resources to it besides maintenance. Through the 2 years of existence, we found out that this mechanism is not really effective to enable trading VS the amount of liquidity needed. There are now better alternatives like sudoswap.

What tools do you use to design? Do you also write css?

My current focus is on

We will launch a contest for branding in 1/2 days and then there will be room for helping on the UX design too if you’d like :palms_up_together:

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Thanks for the reply Jules.

Sure, it’s understandable.

I mainly use Figma and Adobe suit for designing. I don’t have experience with writing since my focus has always been on design and everything revolving it (wireframing, prototyping, research, testing, etc).

I haven’t checked fastdapp yet, I’ll do and see if I can help with the design side of things there too. Will be looking forward to the contest as well.

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Don’t hesitate to coordinate here or on discord before spending too much time so we can make great things :pray:


Great work! Love the design