$LOTUS Ecosystem Education + Marketing


Fascinating launch tokenomics for Lotus. Great job! I see a lot of other projects adopting it - hence the Launch Factory is a great idea. I think $LOTUS could be huge in the sense of reshaping hte way the web3 world thinks about liquidity etc. Love how it incentivizes volumes, sets a floor, lock ups etc. Very cool.

Anyyyyway, I run this agency: peerthrough.com - I’d love to make a video explaining $LOTUS for the lotus homepage. I also have noticed it doesn’t have it’s own independent Twitter. Happy to help work on that as well if the team is short staffed.

Basically, The White Lotus project is a cool idea. Devs crushed it, now it’s time to get some education and hype behind it.

Happy to help lead that effort and open to performance based payment in $LOTUS / $MUSE if that helps.

If there is interest in this, we can talk a bit further. Check out my work, you’ll see I’ve made some impactful videos for large projects in the past (Chainlink, ConsenSys, AMPL, MakerDAO etc) - peerthrough.com

Thanks for the time!