MIP #1: Change NFT20 Fee Distribution

Basic Summary

Instead of distributing 70% of the fees to VNFT holders and 30% of the fees to ETH-MUSE Liquidity providers.

Release the $NFT20 token and have users add liquidity for the different ETH-TOKEN20 pools (example ETH-$DOKI20) and let them farm $NFT20 tokens by adding liquidity to NFT20 pools (including $MUSE-ETH and $NFT20-ETH).

The $NFT20 token will be exchangeable to 80% of the fees accrued by the NFT20 platform.

The remaining 20% of fees collected will still go to qualified VNFT holders.

If this vote passes, the current fees earned will be distributed as originally published.


This will motivate projects to not only create a pool but also add liquidity for all pools.

The fees we VNFT holders will get will be substantially less but they might have more value as all tokens will have liquidity, unlike now that we make a lot of fees but no liquidity and no pools created.

Also, because NFT holders will own most of the initial supply of $NFT20, they will still get most of the fees and if this proposal passes and works as intended, $NFT20 will have liquidity.


Release the $NFT20 token with the same allocation stated in the Lite Paper.
Mint 500 $NFT20 total per day for farming on all pools.
Once a month people will have the option to burn their $NFT20 tokens to get their share of the protocol fees, or keep their $NFT20 tokens.


The winning decision will have to have at least 9million votes to be counted as final and pass.

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote