MIP #10: Sell Protocol Fees Via Users Swap Txs

In the past 2 weeks we deployed a new feature when a user buys or sells NFTs from the homepage. We automatically sell the fees earned from tokens20 into ETH in the same user tx, this has been a great test generating about ~$175k a year (extrapolated) before we achieve any meaningful user scale.

Right now when users swap NFTs to NFTs we don’t charge any type of fees. I recommend introducing an upgrade to the pool contracts to automatically sell 50 tokens20 (50% of an NFT) from our pool of earned fees every time a user executes a swap.


The swapper will only pay the additional gas which could be between $0.5 to $10 depending on gas price (when high gas the protocol is not used much anyway for now).
The projects won’t feel the sell offs as they will be spread out and in very small amounts that don’t effect liquidity.


Add a few simple functions to the factory and pools contracts, it can be implemented between 24 hours after approval.

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote