MIP #14: Add @Sconey to the MultiSig

Add @Sconey as a 3rd signer to our gnosis safe multi sig. He will help us manage different DAO tasks such as:

  • payments.
  • bounties.
  • daily fee settings for NFT20.

He’ll have more responsibilities if he has time as we grow.

For those who don’t know @Sconey, he’s been in the community since our VeryNifty game and already helped the community with several tasks such as writing guides, helping with airdrops/marketing for VeryNifty and more.

The multi sig will always require 2 signers to execute txs.


We require a monthly budget of up to 1 ETH to be sent to @Sconey that will be used to pay for the gas costs of executing transactions

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote