MIP #17: Rebrand to MUSE DAO


We do not have a cohesive brand for the multiple projects currently operating under the DAO. We propose we officially move all projects under (the new name of) “Muse DAO” umbrella.

In addition to rebranding to “Muse DAO”, in order to create less confusion, we will create a new (single point) website that will house all the different projects for easy visibility and accessibility for our users and builders who are curious about the DAO.


  1. New Website

The new website will consolidate all projects made by Muse DAO into one place. This will make it easy for anyone looking into the DAO to see everything that has been created in one place.

  1. Muse

Currently, it’s difficult for our users to understand how Muse connects with the DAO. Users who currently are engaging with various projects within the DAO, are sometimes unaware of what Muse is or the multiple options/benefits to stake it and earn fees generated by NFT20 and future projects.

By creating a new unified branding with a central website / platform, it will reduce the confusion of how all the projects tie in together and be able to provide space for users to easily digest how revenue is created and shared under the DAO.

  1. Social Media / Snapshot Pages

If this proposal is passed, all social media and snapshot pages will be updated to the new branding “Muse DAO”. This will include changing the name of NFT20 to Muse on our current Snapshot page to create consistency in our branding.

  1. Budget

A maximum of $5000 is needed to perform these actions that can be taken from the Treasury Committee Funds so no new budget would be required.


  1. Create the new website consolidating all apps
  2. Update new branding (i.e. social media, discord, etc.)
  3. Move muse staking/unstaking and fee revenue share to the new website
  4. Create a new snapshot page under “Muse” instead of “NFT20” Next Steps

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote