MIP #19: Hire Dragon as a Core Team Member

We propose hiring dragon/virus as a full time engineer for the MUSE DAO, starting with a 3 month paid trial with an option to extend it further to a total of 12 months.

In the past 2 months Dragon has taken the initiative to start contributing to the marketplace during his free time, after having worked with him and seeing his skills and experience we think having him join us full time will be great help to launch the marketplace asap as well as help us with CUDL and launch more projects in the near future.


We would like to offer a compensation of $140k a year streamed via sablier, the first stream will be for a total of $35k ($140k calculated for three months), a new stream will be created after the 3 month period for the remaining of the funds if both parties are satisfied.

Following the 12 months a new proposal will have to be created for a new payment stream from the DAO

After the sentiment check with the community we’ll go to on-chain voting.

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote