MIP #2: No NFT20 token vesting

Right now, NFT20 tokens for the community are vested for 24 months.
They will get released linear.
This is not a sustainable economic model.
There will be continuous tokens selling for 24 months.
I think it is better to release all token at once without vesting.
If people want to dump, they will do it in the first week.
After that, a lot of the sell pressure is gone and the token price can go to new all time highs.
A good example about releasing all tokens at once, is the MEME project.
People also dumped there airdropped tokens right away, and after that the price went flying.
Of course, token price should mean nothing.
But unfortunately, if the price of the NFT20 token gets dumped continuously for 24 months it could be really bad for the project to get a huge network.
Because in crypto right now, people still mostly only join and support a project if they think they could get rich.

Let’s release the tokens without vesting ,so we can concentrate on the project itself!

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