MIP #22 Burn Muse ERC20 admin keys


The Muse token reached its max supply of 1M. We propose burning the contract admin keys currently held by the DAO multi-sig contract so no more Muse will ever be Minted in the future.


The Multi sig holders will need to sign one transaction to revoke their admin role to the muse contract: 0xb6ca7399b4f9ca56fc27cbff44f4d2e4eef1fc81.

Optionally the DAO could mint to itself the remaining 461 remaining Muse in order to round the number to 1M instead of the current 999538 max supply for aesthetic purposes.

  • Don’t burn the keys
  • Burn the keys and mint the additional Muse
  • Burn the keys

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Link to the vote: Snapshot

There should be an additional option - mint the additional MUSE owed to the MUSE-ETH LP stakers that has not been paid out because the contract reached its 1M cap.

Stakers provided critical value to the Uniswap ETH-MUSE pair in exchange for promised Muse rewards. When they went to redeem them at the end of the staking rewards period, they were told the contract was invalid. As it turns out, the Muse rewards were not minted and not progressively accounted for in the total Muse supply, so when the staking period ended, these stakers were simply met with a malfunctioning contract (and wasted gas).

Providing liquidity until the very end of the staking period was an important value provided to the Muse community (which is why it was incentivized in the first place), and the unclaimed rewards would both be known to the admins, as well as likely to be <10K Muse. This is the right thing to do and will prevent future legal and trust issues with the community.