MIP #5: Hire Enea as Community Mod


As the ecosystem grows, the devs need to start delegating some of their tasks to focus more and more on development.

While we’ll always stay very hands on because it’s part of our personality and we love the community (no citadels here), we still need the peace of mind that when we are not around someone is taking care of growing the community.

I recommend hiring Enea to help with moderation on Telegram (our most active channel) and sometimes on Discord.

This is not only helpful and needed but will also be the first hire from the DAO, and will act as a good experiment


The avg salary in Albania (where Enea is from) is $450, I recommend paying Enea $500 a month paid in MUSE, while this is not a full time job it does require odd hours and to be monitoring the chat at all times.

Enea is expected to learn more about the technicalities of how things work to give correct answers and to grow with the role and think outside the box on new things he could create to keep the community engaged.

I recommend a 30 day paid trial and then re-consider based on market conditions and if the role was full-filled to the satisfaction of the community.

About Enea

For those who might not know him Enea has been with us since we started VeryNifty, his fun attitude and memes are part of our community history, and he stayed mostly positive and active throughout all the lows and highs we’ve been through.

Enea also created the muse store and also helped find a vulnerability that would let you game the VeryNifty game.

In the past 10 days he’s been more and more active helping the developers in TG, and we are happy with how he’s been handling it.

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote