MIP #6: Burn additional MUSE generated by staking Contract

As stated in the past, when we deployed the staking contract we didn’t want/have time to change any of the original MasterChef.sol code to avoid introducing new bugs, a side effect of this is that for every MUSE generated for LPs, the contract also generates 10% extra and sends to the proxy “DAO” wallet.

Changing contracts would be a big hassle right now with all the users providing their LP tokens to the contract.

I recommend once a month to burn the additional MUSE generated, this would come at about 1500 MUSE burned per month.

This is the forum thread that lead to this on-chain proposal: https://forum.nft20.io/t/burn-muse-generated-by-masterchef-contract/52

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote