MIP #9: Hire Cadu as a designer

We propose to Hire Cadu as part time designer to help the DAO expand to more and better looking products.

About Cadu:

Cadu is a graduated graphic designer with about 19 years of experience. He worked in a big crypto incubator. Before discovering the cryptoverse, Cadu used to be a musician and has even composed a few songs but he doesn’t play his saxophone since the last halving.

Cadu has been helping us since the beginning of NFT20 as a free contributor, he designed the app from scratch.


As discussed with Cadu, his compensation will be $5k a month paid in DAI from the multisig wallet and streamed monthly via sablier.

This compensation is competitive for a designer based on part time, as the funds and the DAO grows, we could expand his position to full time.

Raise Enea’s Salary

We also propose to raise Enea’s salary from $500 to $1000 a month, knowing Enea is helping users on TG and Discord is a peace of mind for the dev team as we are fully focused on research and development.

If this proposal gets enough support in the coming 48 hours, we’ll create a snapshot vote.

Check out the results on the Snapshot vote