Muse Build, presentation + name contest 💰

Hello everyone!

Muse Build is a simple webapp enabling developers to build and share EVM applications super fast. Smart contract developers should focus on logic and security while our app empowers them to make interfaces in a few minutes. Components can be re-used and customized to create custom apps or just customize existing templates for common use cases: NFT minting, crowd sales, token staking…

Potential users range from web3 devs, enthusiasts that want to play, and teams that want to provide alternative frontend to their product for decentralization…

Once apps are published they are hosted on IPFS and a domain name (as an NFT) can be acquired for ease.

The components are currently:

  • Read smart contract values
  • Buttons to interact with contracts
  • Display and access often used informations like blocknumber, user address, ERC20 balance, ETH balance…
  • Uniswap widget
  • Reservoir KIT widget (buy/sell NFTs)
  • Open to your ideas…

You can check a quick demo video:

Or you can play with the alpha here:

This project is a little bit different from our past ventures as it requires polished experience + onboarding creators and might take a longer time to be adopted… That’s why it’s important to have more talents involved in the making of it!

In order to make the DAO worth it and the project successful: a series of contests will come after this first one for finding a name: The following will be about design, creation of templates/examples, and creation of tutorials/videos… Stay tuned for opportunities to earn by doing or creating your own… While this contest has a specific goal: other forms of participation in the making of the product could be rewarded too.

Contest :moneybag:

The web app requires a name and strong branding, feel free to post your idea, and the logic behind it in this thread. Once enough ideas are gathered and the community agrees on a name. The winner of the contest will be rewarded 100 $MUSE ($546 at the time of writing).


Since EVM means Earned Value Management which is a technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner.
And the base name being MUSE…I came up with MUSURE PRO…PRO meaning project or progress or progress in projects.

Name suggestion : MuseSwift

This name combines the "Muse"brand and “Swift” to emphasize the speed and agility offered by the webapp. It represents the ability to swiftly create and share EVM applications using the platform.


Turbo gives an idea of exceptional speed and performance , and Forge highlights the creative process of building web3 applications. TuborForge conveys the idea of turbocharging the application development process with MuseBuild.

One opportunity for branding could be around finding a catchy name for the template language and have it as a name/verb. I like what dune analytics did with wizards also. They have their tech and people who are comfortable with it are able to get gigs/jobs as wizards…

Some of my ideas:
Wizeth (wizard)
Magiceth (magicians)

But nothing good so far

Really enjoyed

But maybe too web2 :thinking:

aMUSEment park, as it will allow to create lots of different fun and useful attractions

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I think way too much word games around muse in the above posts, which is wording very hard to come up with something appealing ( I tried before). Imo has to be something simple and easy to remember. DappIt, build rapid with DappIt (sounds like coca-cola ad, but may be something in that sense).

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What You Sew Is What You geth? Jules we 90 iq’s and less, need three letter word something to type into browser…:smiley:


French word for “FUN”
Has muse in the name too

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Just published a small demo to re-create Lido staking page with the app if it can inspire more with the name:

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You can play with the alpha here:

I also opened a channel on our discord for feedback/ideas.

Still looking for some name ideas!!!

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My brand name suggestions for the platform is “Elixir”

Which it can convey a sense of transformation, empowerment, and the extraordinary possibilities that the platform offers.

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Domain name might be hard but this one for 100$?

too bad i think there’s a project already using the name. will figure something else.

although i already have some thing in mind,

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another simple one that i have in mind is “BUIDL”

very short and compact, common words in the space and its meme-able.

Was feeling BUIDL might be too generic and already too much noise around?

yup and no one use it yet surprisingly.

But really liked the elixir as it is open for nice branding and not related to dev/eth/evm…

Something to keep in mind is that there is 2 side on the brand. Developers get there to build something but users will also get there to see the apps basically. Not sure if clear?

Kind of end up like this

Wich is also a nice inspiration on landing page once some apps exists

there’s several project name elixir. i does sound good tho. i have alchemist at first then elixir come across my mind. but both is really significant in crypto.

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