New top 30 CEX listing

For MUSE DAO to gain more attention and receive accesibility to millions of liquidity, the asset should be listed on more centralized exchanges. Hotcoin Global would be open to discussing the listing process for $MUSE. Contact to receive more information.

your CEX is free to list $MUSE at no charge… as we don’t pay for listings… no “more information” is required.

I might be able to discuss a potential cost-free listing to Hotcoin Global, if you could help me fill in below:

Market Cap:

Liquidity Metrics:

24-Hour Trading Volume:

Order Book Depth:

Security and Technology:

Blockchain Technology:

Consensus Mechanism:

Community and Ecosystem:

Community Size:



Developer Activity:

Github commits:

Regulatory Compliance:

Legal and Regulatory Status:

Use Case and Tokenomics:

Token Utility:

Token Distribution:

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Strategic Partnerships:

Kind regards,

Robert Bemelmans
Global BD manager @ Hotcoin Global